No Power, No Clean Water, No HealthClean Water Bucket by BucketInvesting at the community level first is a much better solution. It creates capacity at the local level, and this is key to local resilience.”

Bringing access to power and connectivity to everyone on Earth is the challenge heard around the world. At Powerstorm ESS, we believe this challenge is both compelling and achievable. With support and backing from the financial community, Powerstorm ESS can provide the power needed by billions of people through development of energy storage solutions and creation of a framework that supports scalability and sustainability.

Our goal is to have every single person connected to power by the year 2020. This would be an achievement rivaling the innovation of the telegraph or the development telephone in its impact. Powerstorm ESS is the catalyst needed to electrify off grid communities and to catapult them into the next generation of emerging economies. We can make this next milestone in communications singularity happen.

Providing WiFi, Broadband, and mobile device access to communities in need will have exponential benefits for telecom and service sectors as well as entire societies. A network’s value is increased every time a new user joins, which means added benefits for all users of the network and accelerated growth of the network. We believe this principle is at the core of our work: that increased connectivity benefits us all. The power of all of humanity becoming connected is so awesome in scale that technologists and economists have a difficult time ascribing characteristics and value to this movement forward.

At Powerstorm® ESS, we are focused on bringing the next generation of people online. We are building the architecture and the tools to serve rural areas and small villages in developing countries. With our patent-pending containerized energy storage solutions, we are poised to enrich the lives of those who have not yet enjoyed the opportunity to learn, discover and communicate outside their rural environment.