Powerstorm Capital

We are looking for growth capital investors to join us. 

Need for energy "Power the People"

Almost 1.3 billion people in the world live without access to electricity. An additional 1.3 billion are dependent on biomass for cooking. The bulk of those are concentrated in Africa and developing Asia; India has the single largest concentration of people still without access to electricity, with nearly one quarter of citizens in this predicament. 

What makes this sector particularly interesting for investors is the fact that people are generally willing to pay for electricity, whereas they can be reluctant to pay for other infrastructure-related services, as we’ll see below.

Our goal is to unlock capital for emerging market hybrid power and to prove that the off-grid power sector is bankable. If we can achieve our goal, we believe that the large investment we will have catalyzed (directly and indirectly) into the off-grid power sector will be able to reach the one plus billion living without electricity by 2030.

The foundational and innovative technology from Powerstorm Capital is protected with several patents pending and it is our intention to reap the societal benefits in the U.S, including manufacturing and job growth.

Powerstorm is developing a modular, plug-and-play energy storage and delivery solution that can be remotely monitored and provides environmentally and fiscally sound alternative to revolutionize how power is delivered, stored and managed for this fast-growing, highly segmented sector of the telecommunication industry.